100 Club

The 100 Club is a “prize draw” club in aid of the orchestra. Membership will cost you £5 per month (you can take out multiple memberships!), and there are three prize draws annually, distributing 50% of the income (the other 50% going to support the orchestra). Top prize is currently £65 (but with more members this would be higher), and there are several consolation prizes in each draw, enough to make sure that 50% is returned to members. A list of winners is displayed at rehearsals. Please ask Peter Tuch for more details.

The winners for December 2017 were:

  • 1st Prize – M Carey
  • 2nd Prize – J Fryer
  • 3rd Prize Joint – G L Pinder
    3rd Prize Joint  – E Perrottet

The 100 Club is licensed and regulated by St Albans District Council, number LN/200700326. Restricted to adults resident in the UK.