Concert Dress

Concert dress unless otherwise announced for any particular concert:
  • for ladies: all-black
  • for gentlemen: In general, and subject to further members’ vote: all-black


The playing membership subscription for 2021-22 is as follows:
  • Subscription per concert, excluding contract concerts which are FREE, will be £50 for all payment methods.
  • Players who pay their annual subscriptions in full, regardless of payment method, prior to the first concert will pay only £132. (Unchanged since 2014)
  • Players who set up a monthly standing order, prior to the first concert, will pay only £11 per month.
  • Players who make a one-off payment for the full year after the first concert, will pay £150, regardless of payment method.
We believe our subscription rates are comparable with other orchestras in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London. The early-payment discounts still make the subscription a real bargain for this standard of music-making under such an inspiring selection of conductors. If you are joining part-way through the season, or there are other special circumstances, please consult the Treasurer at any rehearsal. If you are joining part-way through the season, or there are other special circumstances, please email the Treasurer ( to discuss what options are available to you.


The Hertfordshire Philharmonia is a registered charity (no.1116085), and can therefore gain up to 25% extra subscription revenue at no cost to you, if you make a Gift Aid declaration when paying subscriptions or donations. Players are requested to pay their annual subscription by paperless payment and not use cheques or cash. This can be by monthly or yearly standing order, direct bank transfer or PayPal. Account details can now be found on the schedule circulated for each concert by your fixer. PayPal payments to For advice on setting up paperless payment, joining the Gift Aid Scheme or any other enquiries regarding subscriptions, please contact the Treasurer.